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Jiangji Distillery - 梅见青梅酒 Mei Jian Original Green Plum SMOKY Liqueur

Jiangji Distillery - 梅见青梅酒 Mei Jian Original Green Plum SMOKY Liqueur

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Mei Jian Original Green Plum SMOKY Liqueur

14% abv - 750ml Bottle - Chong Qing, China

Monde Award 2021 - GOLD

Meijian green plum liqueur smoky flavor is sweet and mellow with a unique smoky taste of smoked plum and have a long aftertaste. Its unique smoky flavor and quality is widely recognized by the liquor and spirits industry.

Picking is usually completed within 20 days after Qingming Festival, and large plum fruits are selected. The fruit has thick and juicy flesh, with high acidity, without astringency. Ancient candied green plums in addition to cypress and wood smoked green plums create a unique oriental aroma for this smoky flavored liqueur.

The Chinese traditional sugaring process of Meijian Green Plum smoky flavoured Liqueur, complete 8 processes within 72 hours, including fruit selection, draining, soaking, extracting, and aging, etc., without chemical additives. Using the ancient Chinese sugar curing process, it is left to marinate for more than 90 days. The whole plum fruit slowly dries up, overflowing plum juice, which induces a light fermentation reaction to fully lock the refreshing plum fragrance for the smoky liqueur.

Specially made smoked green plums, creating unique eastern smoky flavor for Meijian smoky flavored liqueur, smoked with natural pine and cypress fruit wood for 30 days, creating a unique oriental aroma of ebony. 80% ripe plums, smoked with pine and cypress wood  for 48 hours, creating unique smoked flavor. The specially made smoked plums are mixed with single sorghum baijiu and soaked for 30 days, and then blended with green plum soaked baijiu, resulting in a bottle of unique oriental smoky liqueur with rich smoke and plum aroma

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