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Pizzolato - Spumante Moscato Dolce So Easy NV (Certified Organic / Vegan)

Pizzolato - Spumante Moscato Dolce So Easy NV (Certified Organic / Vegan)

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Pizzolato - Spumante Moscato Dolce So Easy NV

5% abv - 750ml Bottle - Veneto, Italy

100% organic, Pizzolato is the embodiment of la dolce vita, hand made in Italy

This certified organic and vegan Moscato sparkling wine from the "So Easy" line by its nature and characteristics winks at the market segment characterized by younger consumers. The sleeve with which the bottle has been covered, with a floral pattern and completely removable, emphasizes and accentuates the character of this wine obtained from a selection of grapes that follow a Charmat method vinification. A sparkling wine with a fresh aroma, characterized by sweet floral notes and hints of yellow-fleshed jam such as peach.

The must, obtained by crushing the Muscat grapes, is placed in autoclaves where alcoholic fermentation takes place, according to the Charmat method. The temperature is controlled for at least 30 days, until an internal pressure close to 4.5 atm is obtained.

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