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Pizzolato Spumante Rose Extra Dry M-Use NV (Certified Organic/Vegan)

Pizzolato Spumante Rose Extra Dry M-Use NV (Certified Organic/Vegan)

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Pizzolato Spumante Rose Extra Dry M-Use NV

12% abv - 750ml Bottle - Veneto, Italy

100% organic, Pizzolato is the embodiment of la dolce vita, hand made in Italy

At the heart of this rosé lies the sweetness of rose and the delicacy of morello cherry. A strong personality that combines different styles but unites all those who want to dare a little more. Its vibrant freshness gives way to a sillage of scents that take you to a flower garden in the middle of spring. A perfect balance that dances in unison: the meeting of these two opposites will release a series of magnificent convivial sensations in your mouth. Elegantly coated in pink glitter, it will brighten up your outfit just as it does a must-have accessory. M-Use's is an unstoppable savoir-faire. A fragrance with a soul steeped in floral sweetness and a tart flavor that makes up the most varied food matches.

Inspiration: The bottle has the name "M-Use," from inspirational muse to multi-use: in fact, it was created not to be thrown away but reused as a design object in your most beautiful spaces.

M-Use's is an unstoppable savoir-faire. A sinuous encounter between art, fashion and beauty. But "M-Use" is much more, it is the champion of experimentation and contamination between different worlds, following the fundamental concepts of Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.

"M-Use" is a name that identifies, in the bottle, both the inspirational muse, woman par excellence, and the concept of multi-use that can result after its first use: the classic smooth dress with which the wine is clothed is overwhelmed by brilliant polyhedra and transformed into a design object.

Vinification: The grapes are pressed and the resulting must is allowed to decant. Selected yeasts are added for alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature of about 14°C. After preparation of the base wine, a second long autoclave fermentation is induced until an internal pressure of more than 4.5 atm is obtained.

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