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Jiangji Distillery - 梅见青梅酒 Mei Jian Original Green Plum Liqueur

Jiangji Distillery - 梅见青梅酒 Mei Jian Original Green Plum Liqueur

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Mei Jian Original Green Plum Liqueur

12% abv - 330ml Bottle - Chong Qing, China

Meijian green plum liqueur is made with traditional Chinese sugar curing process to extract plum juice after soaking for 90 days, result in a classic pure green liqueur glavor.

Mix handcrafted single sorghum baijiu with a single variety of green plum, refreshingly sweet and sour plum juice and store in the pottery jar. The plum fragrance is rich with balanced sweet and sour taste.

Discover delightful Meijian original flavor green plum liqueur, a captivating blend of tradition and innovation

In the realm of distilled spirits, MEIJIAN Green Plum Liqueur stands out as a captivating fusion of tradition and modern artisanship. This exceptional sour and sweet liqueur, renowned for its exquisite taste and aroma, has earned a special place among connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. Let’s enjoy the charm that MEIJIAN Sweet Liqueur brings out.

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